Mountain Modern Home Renovation

How does an architect add value to your home renovation? An architect-lead remodel or renovation will create the best project possible, within the budget you currently have, which adds value over time. Our Cedarview remodel project is a good example of how, with thoughtful evaluation, mindful consideration of budget and innovative design solutions, Love | Schack exceeded our clients’ expectations.

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Our client purchased a home with the intent to renovate the property, initially thinking they’d need to create a substantial second floor addition above a garage with a big roof deck. Our team considered options for this plan, however, it was apparent early on in the process that a large addition wasn’t feasible for our clients’ budget if they wanted to address the rest of the home’s qualities. We discovered they actually had plenty of existing space to work with but hadn’t realized the potential of what was already there.

To our clients’ delight, with careful and strategic design planning, our team was able to turn their ‘fixer-upper’ purchase into their dream home by working with what was existing and adding a small addition behind the garage to create a mudroom.

Redefining And Adding Value To The Existing Home

To maximize use of space and improve the quality of the home, we cleaned up the entire floor plan by opening up circulation and adding additional windows. This new openness and added natural light also celebrates the client's existing artwork.

The mudroom was a small but significant addition that redefines how the house can be used. Previously, the home had no transition space for when the owners’ arrived and then entered the home. Adding the mudroom created that needed space and provided a practical solution for everyday storage.

Our client wanted to make better use of the basement, which had been a separate living unit previously, and envisioned it becoming an entertainment area. It was apparent to our team that the basement had been underutilized and had the potential to be the highlight of the entire home. To transform the basement into a welcoming entertainment space, we removed a stairwell wall and applied a transparent screen instead. The screen allows daylighting to access the basement and reconnect with the vibrant spaces above.

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The entry patio was an opportunity to help ground the carport to the house while also making a connection to the neighborhood. In addition to connecting to an activated streetlife, the patio serves as a place for a very unique item, a vintage red Bridger Bowl lift chair! This chair was stored in the garage until discovered by our team and inspired the design of the entry patio where it serves as the ‘porch swing’.

Our clients were thrilled with what we were able to achieve; they were pleasantly surprised at what they had without needing an extensive addition. We also designed the floor plan to easily provide for a second story addition if future renovations are needed to accommodate lifestyle changes over time. In the end, the space they already had was successfully transformed to make them feel like they had an entirely new living space, but in the neighborhood they love.

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