The Value of Being a Certified Passive House Tradesperson

Think you know the best way to build? We at Love|Schack think it’s critical to stay on top of the latest in building science. That’s why we teamed up with Emu Systems to create a Certified Passive House Tradesperson course; to empower builders and architects in the Yellowstone Region  to build green for our future.

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The CPHT training is 4 full days of applied learning and is a first-of-its kind, North American-specific curriculum with a hands-on workshop component. Each day ends with workshop time, building mockups or models of what you learned earlier in the classroom.

This training ensures participants are equipped with the necessary framework and interdisciplinary skills to effectively convey the international Passive House (PH) standard in building construction.

We’d like to take a little moment for a humblebrag… our CPHT training had a 100% pass rate!

We’re very pleased with the feedback from the training and knowing that there are now more regional builders and architects adding the value of passive construction strategies to their projects.

Our own Lotus Grenier Gleason completed the course and offered some insight into why it’s so important for architects -  not just builders to have this training. Lotus has a background as a contractor. Her goal in architecture is to bridge the gap between architects and builders.

The value she sees in the CPHT training is for architects and builders being able to speak the same language. Architects will learn what contractors need to see in drawings and contractors will learn how to better communicate with architects to create better drawing sets.

CPHT training will help you gain a much better understanding of how all of the different moving parts of the Passive House standard integrate together and build on one another to ultimately accomplish an amazingly high performing building that uses 10% of the energy of a normal, code level building.