2018, A New Chapter for Love Schack

The end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 saw a lot of changes for Love Schack Architecture and now that we are settling into these changes we are excited to share what they mean for us as a firm and for our current and future clients and partners.  

Two new faces joined our team. Lotus Grenier Gleason, in our Bozeman, MT office, and Mike Montgomery, is working remotely from Bellingham, WA. 


Lotus Grenier Gleason

Lotus Grenier Gleason

Mike Montgomery

Mike Montgomery

A Bozeman native, Lotus has a background as a sculptor, a carpenter, and a contractor as well as training in natural building and sustainable design.  Her winding path into this field and her experience as a builder puts her in a unique and valuable position to bring beauty and practicality to our projects.

Mike brings a great wealth of knowledge pertaining to Building Information Modeling (BIM) and ArchiCAD software. In addition to producing beautiful and comprehensive drawing sets, he is also providing weekly training sessions and daily support to our entire Love Schack team. Mike is increasing our knowledge and efficiency, specific to architectural documentation. Having Mike working remotely has fortified out belief in the functionality of the system, but even so, we’re all looking forward to meeting him in 3 dimensions next month when he visits Bozeman, MT for the first time.

When Lindsey Love and Lindsay Schack formed Love Schack Architecture, the ability to serve clients in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming from remote locations was an elegant solution to a design problem. Having remote offices has allowed us to serve our clients better.

As our team grows, we’ve embraced something of a hive mentality. Love Schack culture is based on authentic connections to our environment and our communities; and to the local businesses and nonprofit organizations that make them better places.  

The second change that came at the end of the year was a move into a new office space in Bozeman and the “hive” there, put us in the middle of a swarm of activity that both reflects and defines who we are.

Olive and Wallace Building.jpg

Our beautiful new space is part of an award-winning, sustainable renovation. Working from the Olive & Wallace building, designed by our respected peers at Intrinsik Architecture, places us in the heart of Bozeman at the hub of our trail system. We’re physically connected to our environment and our community.

Just like in our Teton office, the synergies we’re finding with the surrounding purpose-driven creatives and nonprofits: The Wildlife Conservation Society, Gallatin Valley Land Trust, Grizzly Creek Films, Wisetail, Big Storm Marketing and LOR Foundation inspire and energize us.

We hope you’ll stop by our office at 212 S Wallace and say hello. Maybe you can join us for a walk or bike meeting as we explore and support Bozeman. Our new home is a wonderful opportunity for us to be involved in our community. It’s the model we’ll employ as we continue to grow and serve clients throughout our region.