Regenerative Design: Our design approach results in buildings that return more value to their occupants, landscape and community than they take.


What if, at the end of your building’s life, say 150 years from now, all of the components could go into the garden?
— Lindsey Love

Our Mission

Architecture is the medium through which we experience our world.  With our clients as active participants in the process, we design with the end goal of creating spaces and places that nurture the health and well-being of every being that interacts with them.

We are committed to creating sustainable, high-performance, and natural buildings for our clients.  As Certified Passive House Consultants, we can design a home, community building, or business structure that operates at net-zero energy or at a substantially reduced energy load.  Achieving net-zero is not always the first priority of every project, in which case our expertise results in demonstrable improvements in performance and comfort. Overall, we are participants in a design culture that accepts the challenge of sustainability, and responds to that challenge with solutions that enhance the lives of the users while ensuring prosperity of the building, owner, and the earth.